Delete MoTube account

After deleting your account, your personal profile and related data will be permanently removed.

Based on security considerations, to avoid wrong operations causing your account to be deleted for no reason, if you need to delete your account, you need to apply by email.

You need to provide the following information and send it to

  1. A screenshot of the "Me" page (need to clearly see the user ID)
  2. A brief explanation of the reason for deleting the account (we may request more information based on your account status)

After we receive your email, we will reply you within 7 working days, and we will notify you by email after confirming to delete your account (we will send it to your email address for contacting us, if you have other email information in your profile, we will will be copied at the same time).

After you receive the email notification, your account will not be able to log in, and your account will be completely deleted after 30 days. During these 30 days, your account will still be governed by the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy .

Your relevant account information cannot register a new account on MoTube within 28 days, and your relevant account information can create a new account on MoTube after 30 days. If your account was removed for violating the Terms of Service, you cannot use your relevant account information to create a new account with MoTube.

Your account may remain on backup storage after 28 days; we use this storage to restore data in the event of a disaster, software error, or other data loss event. We may also keep your information for reasons such as legal issues, violation of terms or harm prevention work. Please refer to our "Privacy Policy" for details.

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